Family genealogies

Les généalogies familiales sont disponibles au prix de 40 dollars chacun. / Family genealogy are available for 40 dollars each.

CD-GF001 à CD-GF050 - CD-GF051 à CD-GF100 - CD-GF101 à CD-GF150 - CD-GF151 à CD-GF200 - CD-GF201 à CD-GF250 - CD-GF251 à CD-GF300 - CD-GF301 à CD-GF350

If you have a family genealogy produced by the Drouin Institute between 1913 and 1957, we are interested to digitize it. All the scanning process is free and you will have copies on cd-rom when we will return your genealogy. Our mission is to save the Drouin Institute heritage. Copies will be donate at Bibliothèque et Archvies nationales du Québec and Library and Archives Canada for conservation.

Contact :
Sébastien Robert at 514-400-3961 or