Institut généalogique Drouin

Notaried documents

CD-Rom are available at 50 dollars each

There are two searching possibilities for notaired documents on cd-rom or online (

1. Index cumulatif en format exécutable 29 megabytes. (to unzip with WinZip et and click on Sans Titre.exe) and the fichier de présentation en format Word. In French.

2. For whom the file is not working, you just have to surf on the "Volets" and click on each index. The search can be done by subject. When the search is completed, you just have to take the images and download it.

The index is separated on 7 columns. Numéro de l'image, Société et boîte (Society and Box), Contrat notarié (Notaried document), Noms cités (Names), Endroit (Place), Date, Notaire (Notary),

Notaried documents exemples (French and English)

1. Deathh

Assemblée de parents | Avis de décès | Avis de décès hérédité | Codicile | Déclaration de décès | Donation | Inventaire | Notice of Death | Obligation | Procuration | Testament | Tuteur

2. Marriage

Cession | Contrat de mariage | Donation | Entente | Obligation | Procuration

3. Sales

Bail | Cession | Hypothèque | Obligation | Quittance

4. Other

Création de sociétés | Curatelle | Justice - Affidavit | Justice - Sommation | Lettres commerciales