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Franco-american Files

Content and set up:

Presented as 3 books, this is a set of index cards of people quoted in the Guide Officiel Franco-Américain (Official Franco-American Guide).  The whole series contains over 1,650 pages forming 3 bound volumes, and 6,420 cards and the references. 


Catalogue Volumes Described families
CC-08 Tomes I à III Achim à Yon
375.00 $ (*)
PN-135 Tome I Achim à Cyr
125.00 $
PN-136 Tome II Daigneault à Lareau
125.00 $
PN-137 Tome III Larivée à Yon
125.00 $

(*) The price kit is 225 dollars if bought with the Acadian Cards series.

To order:

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