Drouin Genealogical Institute

The Little Drouin

( Complement to the Men and Women series,
French-Canadian marriages 
1760 - 1825 )

by Noël Allaire, s.c., Benoît Charette, s.c. and Lucien Pepin, s.c.

Content and set up:

This series lists catholic marriages of Quebec from 1760 to 1825.  The series has a first set of 22 books with marriages sorted by men, plus a 5 volume index by women.  A nice Complement to the Men and Women series and a must for your reference library.

Many genealogists will use the huge Men and Women Series to find their ancestors until the 1825s.  Then, they will work with the Little Drouin to complete the lines until 1760.  The reason is that the books are smaller and because they cover less years, the data is denser.  Before 1760, they will use the Red Drouin in 3 volumes (which is not in stock at this time).

Abridged table of contents:

The series was published as a whole in 1999. 
Volume Families covered
Volume I Abaris to Bazinet
Volume II Beahar to Bezot
.. ..
Volume XXIII Index of spouses (A-B-C)
.. ..
Detailed List


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