Drouin Genealogical Institute

Drouin Genealogical Files
( family, historical and other notes )

by Jean-Pierre-Yves Pepin

Available as books, those files include first hand material found, before 1960, by Joseph and Gabriel Drouin, to be associated with the delivered family genealogical works. 

Content and set up:

a) List of family names and how many marriages are found in the Dictionnaire national des Canadiens-Français 1608 - 1760 (Red Drouin), the Men and Women Series (alphabetical list of French Canadian marriages 1760 - 1935).
b) Genealogical files from the Drouin Institute Collection.
c) Family, historical and other notes: handwritten or typed.
d) Each bound volume will have about 550 pages with size 8 1/2" x 14".
e) The whole series should have about 40,000 pages.

Table of Content:

Catalogue Volume Families Covered Price
CC-01 All Any
PN-138 I Aas / Auban
PN-139 II Aubé / Basque
PN-140 III Basquet / Benny
PN-141 IV Benoît / Blouf
Other List of volumes already released


This collection is available by subscribing.  About 6 volumes are published each year.  The whole collection is sold $15,000.00.  Unit price is $250. 

Terms and conditions on the ordering form.

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