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The Kardex

The Kardex is a collection of over one million of marriages on index cards (3" x 5") and microfilmed.

This unique and important collection is a good complement to the Men and the Women Series.  They are additional marriages so that if you can't find them in those Series, you can search the Kardex.  Obviously, no collection is complete and many persons were married somewhere in United States or never wedded.

The Kardex collection is only available on 16 mm microfilms.

Delivery: The Kardex is usually on stock.

Taxes: GST (7%) and provincial (only in Quebec, 7.5%) sales tax apply for sales made in Canada and in Quebec for this collection.

Catalogue Description Price
CC-02 The Kardex (32 microfilms 16 mm) $ 15,000


This is a set of microfilms.  Terms and conditions on the ordering form.

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